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Criterion I –
Curricular Aspects
1.2.1Add-on / Certificate Program, 5 Yrs      
1.2.2%Students attendance for Add-on / Certificate Program, 5 YrsValue Added Courses_ECEValue Added Courses_EEEValue Added Courses_CivilME_Value Added CoursesCSE_Value Added Courses 
1.3.2% of Student project/ Field work/internships, LCAY      
Teachers, Employer, Alumni, Parents
Criterion 2 –
Teaching, Learning & Evaluation
2.1.1% of Stud. Enrollment, 5 Yrs2021-222020-212019-202018-192017-18 
2.1.2% of Seats filled against reserved categories, 5 Yrs2021-222020-212019-20   
– Full Time Teacher Ratio, LCAY
2.4.1% of Full Time Vs Sanctioned, 5 Yr Average      
2.4.2% of PhD Vs Full Time, 5 Yr Average      
2.6.3Average pass%, 5 yrs      
2.7.1Student data bank      
Criterion 3 –
Research, Innovations & Extension
Grants-Govt, non-Govt 5 Yrs
3.2.2W/S Conducted on Research methodology, IPR; Entrepreneurship      
3.3.1Research Publications Per Teacher in UGC Notified Journals; 5 Yrs      
3.3.2Books/Chapters/Papers In Nat/Inter Conferences, 5 Yrs/Teach      
3.4.2Awards, Recognition for Extension Activities, 5 Years      
3.4.3NSS / Outreach Progarms Conducted5 YrsPGUG Cross Cutting Courses     
3.5.1MOUs, 5 Yrs20212020201920182017 
Criterion 4 –
Infrastructure & Learning Resources
4.1.2% expenditure for Infra. augmentation, 5 Yrs      
4.3.2Student::Computer Ratio      
4.4.1% of Maintenance Expense Vs Non-Salary Expenditure, 5 Yrs      
Criterion 5 –
Student Support and Progression
5.1.1% of Students’ benefitted by Govt., non-Govt Scholarships; Avg; 5
5.1.2Capability building      
5.1.3% of students benefitted thro competitive exam/career guidance      
5.1.4Mechanism for Grievances redressal, sexual harassment, Y/N      
5.2.1% of Placement, Higher studies during last 5 Yrs2021-222020-212019-202018-19  
5.2.2% of Students’ qualifying
in State/National/International Exams
5.3.1Awards at National/International, Sports/Cultural, 5 Yrs      
5.3.2No. of Sports/Cultural Activities participated (Inst/Outside) 5
Yrs, Aver
Criterion 6 –
Governance, Leadership & Management
6.2.2E-Governance: P&D; Adm; Fin; Adm. & Exam;      
6.3.2% of Teachers given financial support for W/C/Prof.; 5 Yrs      
6.3.3% of Teachers attending FDP, PDP; Orientation; Etc 5 Yrs      
6.5.2Quality Initiatives; IQAC; AAA; NIRF; ISO; NBA; 4; 3; 2; 1; None      
Criterion 7 –
Institutional Values and Best Practices
7.1.2Alternate Energy Initiatives – Renewable Energy Generation View 7.1.2     
7.1.3Energy/Environment audits