Facilities and Initiatives:

Alternate sources of energy and energy conservation measures
Solar Energy : 200 KW Roof top solar plant producing 24,000 units of electrical power generation per month on average. Contributing 80% supply to the demand of college. On holidays exporting to solar generation to grid (APSPDCL)).

  • Wheeling to the Grid: The college has 200 KW Roof top solar systems and the transportation of the electrical energy will be exported to grid and hence saving in energy.
  • Sensor-based energy conservation: It is real time based timer which is used to control the college’s street lights. The implementation of this automation circuit has discarded the need for a separate man power for street light operation at college campus with ON/OFF timings precisely set depends upon climatic seasons and the automated circuit is found to be operating satisfactory.
  • Use of LED bulbs/ power efficient equipment : As a green initiative LED bulbs are installed in the campus to save electrical power consumption.

 DRINKING WATER: The College has RO Water Plant for the supply of Protected Water round the clock for all the students & staff.

GENERATOR:  The college is equipped with one 125 KVA capacity generator for uninterrupted power supply.

SOLAR POWER:  The College is equipped with Solar Power that can accommodate for the college needs.

  • Guest House.
  • Health Care Centre
  • LCD Class rooms
  • Air Conditioned Seminar Hall
  • Central Auditorium
  • Canteen & Stationary Stores
  • In Campus Post Office & Bank

 Divyangjan Facilities: The college us equipped with Facilities for persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan).
Lift Facility is provided in the campus.

  • Eco-friendly Campus