Dantuluri Narayana Raju College (D.N.R) was established in 1945, before India got Independence, and was an offshoot of the National movement and renaissance thinking. Being agrarian, the Godavari region had been kept out of the higher higher education in the Pre-Independence period. Sri Dantuluri Narayana Raju, a freedom fighter, an activist and a visionary wanted to provide the uneducated rural masses with the hither to unthinkable and unreachable source for their overall development and welfare i.e. higher education. 

That visionary, with the help of a limited number of committed lieutenants and Philanthropists, strived hard with a missionary zeal and realised the establishment of a college at Bhimavaram >> Read More…

To evolve as Centre of Excellence in Teaching, Innovative Research, Entrepreneurship and Consultation in Engineering & Technology and to empower the rural youth with technical knowledge and professional competence thereby transposing them as globally competitive and self-disciplined technocrats.

1.To inculcate technical knowledge and soft skills among rural students through student centric learning process and make them as competent Engineers with professional ethics to face the global challenges, thus bridging the rural-urban divide. 

2. Strengthen industry institute interaction to enable the students to work on realistic problems and acquire the aptness to face the ever changing requirements.

3. To implant entrepreneurial attitude and ethical values among the learners. 

4. To create a work culture where teacher adore facilitation and learner enjoys learning for Research & Development. 

5. To develop a unique practice that instills responsibility and accountability in association with various stakeholders.


Dr. U. Ranga Raju, the Principal of DNR College is an exceptional and the one the who leads the college to brighter future. He received Ph.D from the India’s most reputed institute IIT Madras. He pledged to work onto his full potential in order to make this Institute more productive and goal driven. He often encourages students to opt in for Practicality in order to bring creativity in them. 


Technological enlargement in a country chiefly depends on how far the engineers are going to put their knowledge in practice. Strong elementary concepts with innovative mindset is the requirement of present day engineers. Strengthening the fundamental concepts and exposure to the current development and  future trends is our main aim in teaching in the technological environment as there is a tremendous boom  for the practical and research oriented education in the future>> Read More…

01. Sri G. V. Narasimha Raju                                                                                                                          President

02. Sri G. Satya Narayana Raju(Babu)                                                                                                          Secretary and Correspondent

03. Dr. U.Ranga Raju                                                                                                                                        Principal  

04. Sri Bh Srinivasa Varma                                                                                                                             Member                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

>> Read More…


Shri Dantuluri Narayana Raju was born on May 6, 1898 at Kopalle Vilage Bhimavaram taluk to the noblest couple Sri Dantuluri bapi raju and Smt Subbayamma. He spent his early days of childhood at the house of his maternal uncle Sri Sagi Bapi raju at Chinnamiram. Due to the initiative taken by his uncle, he enjoyed the good fortunate of mastering, ‘Panch Kavyas’ in sanskrit under the masterly guidance of Shri Dintyala Sarveswara Sastry of Peddamiram besides striving to attain proficiency in English language under Shri Madduri Sarveswara Sastry Bhimavaram.  

Participation In Freedom Movement

The spirit of patriotism nurtured in the deepest of his heart got him attracted to the call given by Mahatma Gandhi by joining in the Freedom Struggle even in the early days of his life. His uncompromising love for the freedom made him a member in Indian National Congress in the year of 1919 and during the same year he enjoyed the privilege of participating All Indian Congress Conference held at Ahmadabad representing from West Godavari in Andhra Pradesh. Political career initiated thus made him to actively participate in the Non-Cooperation movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi during the year 1920.>> Read More…


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The library consists the collection of 1,321 Titles and 50+ Journals/Magazines

The Hostels of DNR is well equipped with all facilities. It's like a "Second Home".

Institution runs over 10 buses covering Bhimavaram and the outskirt villages.

22 Mbps bandwidth with dedicated leased line for high speed connectivity.

Sports are integral part of curriculum and is well balanced with studies

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Dilploma - 120
B.Tech - 60
M.Tech - 18

Dilploma - 60
B.Tech - 60


Dilploma - 60
B.Tech - 120
M.Tech - 18


Dilploma - 60
B.Tech - 120
M.Tech - 18


B.Tech - 180
M.Tech - 18