Faculty Events

  • Srinivas attended and gave oral presentation in the “International Conference on Applied Electronics” on 24th &25th January 2018 at S.R.K.R. Engineering College, Bhimavaram.

  • Srinivas attended One week national level FDP on “Evolutionary and Nature inspired Meta-Heuristic Algorithms for Engineering Applications” on 13-17th April 2018 at SVECW, Bhimavaram.

  • Srinivas attended FDP on”  INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION at Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam, APSSDC-SIEMENS Centre of Excellence (Under TEQUIP-III) which is scheduled from 14-05-2018 to 18-05-2018.

  • S.Koteswari has participated in one week FDP on : Internet of Things and use cases: Practical Perspectives” jointly organized by the Electronics and ICT Academy & ECE Department, NIT Warangal during 26th – 31st May, 2018.

  • Srinivas attended FDP on”  MATWORK Training on requirements of   Programming Xilinx Zynq SOCs with MATLAB & Simulink and Software Defined Radio with Zynq@using simulink at Vishnu Institute of Technology, Bhimavaram, which is scheduled from 28-02-2019 to 2-03-2019.

  • S.Koteswari has participated in One-week FDP on “Research Methodology” Organized by Department of MECH during 8th to 12th July, 2019 at SRKR Engineering College, Bhimavaram.

  • Srinivas got certificate with Elite + Silver in NPTEL online course of 8 weeks on Analog Circuits.

  • NSVL Sowjanya has participated in One-week FDP on “Research Methodology” Organized by Department of MECH during 8th to 12th July, 2019 at SRKR Engineering College, Bhimavaram.

  • Balaji has participated in Two week FDP on “Next Generation Wireless Systems and Networks – Theory to Practice” Organized by Department of ECE held from 1-14 August, 2019 at SVECW, Bhimavaram

  • Venkanna Naidu has participated in Two week FDP on “Next Generation Wireless Systems and Networks – Theory to Practice” Organized by Department of ECE held from 1-14 August, 2019 at SVECW, Bhimavaram.

  • Srinivas published a paper on ” Real time Number plate Recognition System Using Hybrid Models “in IJSDR publications in the month of August 2019.

Academic YearS.No.DateTitle of the professional development programs/ training  programs organised for teaching and non teaching staffResource PersonNo. of participants 
2013-14111-10-2013One day FDP on Leadership in teaching and learningDr.V.Y.Jaya sree,Gitam,Visakhapatnam (Vizag)15
208-03-2014 One day Seminar on Introduction to wireless and cellular communicationsDr.K.Ravi kishore,NIT,Warangal15
2014-15129-08-2014One day Seminar on Basics of SDR and its practical applicationsDr.Sasibhusan Rao, A.U, Visakhapatnam (Vizag)20
2015-16126-10-2015One day short term course on Research MethodologyDR.V.Vijay bhaskar,KL Deemed university27
204-01-2016One day FDP on Trends in reconfigrable (FPGA) SOC DesignDr.P.H.S.Tejomurthy,CRR Engineering college, Eluru27
2016-17106-12-2016One day Seminar on Emerging trends in technology using IOTDr.K.Satya prasad, JNTUK, Kakinada19
 221-03-2017One day FDP on Efficient and law loss antenna configurationDr.P.V.Subbaiah,VR Siddhartha engg college, vijayavada16
2017-18116-02-2018One day workshop on Advanced Electromagnetiv EngineeringMHRD, O.U, Hyderabad19
2018-19118-07-2018One day FDP on Research Methodology and Statistical AnalysisK.Siva Kumar Krishnan, SVECW, Bhimavaram.22
 216-02-2019One day FDP on Recent Trends in Communication EngineeringDr.M.Padmaja, VR Siddhartha engg college, vijayavada22
2019-20107-06-2019One day FDP on Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICS)T.Chandra Sekhar (Ph.D), GIET Engineering College, Rajahmundry21
2013-141Two day workshop on Micro/Nano Devices and System27th & 28th June 2013Mr D.Satish Kumar, Executive Engineer, ONGC, Rajahmundry.
2Two day workshop on Robotics16-07-2013 to 17-07-2013Mr.S.Mahapatra, CEO
Sak Robotics Pvt. Ltd.,Bhubaneswar.
3One day seminar on Emerging Trends in VLSI Design19th Oct 2013Mr. K.Bala Nitish Chaitanya, Layout Design Engineer, EXIGER PVT Ltd, Bangalore
4Two day workshop on PCB Design24th & 25th Jan 2014Mr.S.SURENDRANADH, SR ENGINEER, BHEL, HYDERABAD
5Two day workshop on Antenna design and its applications12-02-2014 to 13-02-2014Mr.J.SrihariRao, Professor
R&D Dean, GIET, Rajahmundry.
6One day seminar on Optical Communication Networking18th March 2014Mr.CH.SANTHOSH KUMAR,  JTO
2014-151Three day workshop on Android controlled Robot02-08-2014 to 04-08-2014Mr.S.Vamsi Krishna &Mr.B.Gopal
Embedded Engineers, Hyd.
2Ten day workshop on Embedded Systems Development19-11-2014 to 28-11-2014Mr.G.Srinath Reddy, Embedded Engineer
3One  day workshop on RTL Design and Functional Verification11th Sep 2014Mr.K.Bala Nitish Chaitanya, Layout Design Engineer, EXIGER PVT Ltd, Bangalore
4One day seminar on Reai Time Embedded systems15th 0ct 2014Mr.S.Vamsi Krishna, Embedded Engineer, Hyderabad.
5One day seminar on Digital Signal Processing20th Jan 2015Mr.G.Kiran Kumar, Executive Engineer, ONGC, Rajahmundry.
6Two day workshop on MATLAB and its applications04-03-2015 to 05-03-2015Mr.G.Kiran Kumar, Executive Engineer
ONGC, Rajahmundry.
7Two day workshop on Optisim and Modesys26th & 27th  March 2015Mr.CH.SANTHOSH KUMAR,  JTO
2015-161One day seminar on Signal and Speech Processing18th August 2015Mr. U.Anil Kumar, Associate Professor, IIIT, Hyderabad.
2One day workshop on Trends in product Design09-08-20151. Mr.M.Kishore, 2. K.Venkatesh,3. M.Chiranjeevi
EPR Labs pvt Ltd, Chennai.
3Two day workshop on Embedded system Design using MSP430 & TIVA series Launch pads and Booster packs28th & 29th Dec 2015Mr. B.SRAVAN KUMAR REDDY, ASST ENGINEER,APGENCO, VIJAYAWADA
4One day seminar on Internet of Things and its Applications11th Jan 2016Mr.S.Siva kumar, Embedded Design Engineer, Matchwell Tech Solutions, Hyderabad
5Two day workshop on Embedded Systems17-02-2016 to 18-02-2016Mr.S.Vamsi Krishna &Mr.B.Gopal
Embedded Engineers, Hyderabad
2016-20171Two day workshop on VLSI Design and its applications15-07-2016 to 16-07-2016Mr.K.Nitish Kumar, Layout Design Engineer,
EXIGER  Pvt Ltd, Bangalore. 
2Two day workshop on Optical Fibre Networks10th & 11th Aug 2016Mr.S.SURENDRANADH,  SR ENGINEER,  BHEL, HYDERABAD
3Two day workshop on IOT using Arduino and Raspberry-pi21st & 22nd  Sep 2016Mr. S.SURENDRANADH, SR ENGINEER,BHEL, HYDERABAD.
4Two day workshop on Wireless Networks28th & 29th Dec 2016Mr.CH.SANTHOSH KUMAR,  JTO
5Two day seminar on Nano particles and Nano bio sensor in Agriculture23nd  &  24th  Jan 2017Mr.S.SURENDRANADH,  SR ENGINEER, BHEL, HYDERABAD.
6Two day workshop on Internet of Things using Arduino17-02-2017 to 18-02-2017Mr.S.Sivakumar, Embedded Design Engineer,
Matchwell Tech Solutions, Hyderabad.
2017-181Two day workshop on Smart Antenna Design and Analysis of MIMO wireless systems18th & 19th July 2017Mr.G.KIRAN KUMAR, EXECUTIVE ENGINEER, ONGC, RAJAHMUNDRY
2Two day workshop on Speech  Processing26-07-2017 to 27-07-2017Mr.U.Anil Kumar, Associate Professor
R&D, IIIT Hyderabad.
3Two day seminar on Advanced Signal Processing8th  & 9th  Sep 2017Mr.S.Surendranadh,  Sr Engineer, BHEL, Hyderabad
4Two day workshop on Recent Advancements in Signal Processing and Communications15th & 16th Dec 2017Mr. S.SURENDRANADH,  Sr Engineer, BHEL, Hyderabad
5One day seminar on Patch Antenna Design Using HFSS Software18th Jan 2018Mr.J.Srihari Rao, Professor,
Director, SVEC, Tadepalligudem
6One day seminar on Application Specific Integrated Circuits(ASICS)27th Feb 2018Mr.K.Bala Nitish Chaitanya, Layout Design Engineer,
EXIGER PVT Ltd, Bangalore.
7Two day workshop on Layout Design using Cadence Tool09-03-2018 to 10-03-2018Mr.K.Nitish Kumar, Layout Design Engineer,
EXIGER  Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.
2018-191Two day workshop on Introduction to Internet of Things  and its Practical Perspectives16-07-2018 to 17-07-2018Mr.VaibhavJaiswal & Mr.K.Srikanth M.D, Embedded Engineer, NILTECH Pvt Ltd, Hyd.
2One day Seminar on Machine Learning17th August 2018Mr.G.Kiran Kumar, Executive  Engineer, ONGC, Rajahmundry.
3One day Seminar on Future Trends in Artificial Intelligence10-03-2018Dr. E.Priya M.E, Ph.D, LISTE, AISTE, Assistant Professor, Department of ECE, Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai.
4One day Seminar on Nanotechnology9th Nov 2018Mr.K.Bala Nitish Chaitanya, Layout Design Engineer, EXIGER PVT Ltd, Bangalore
5Two day workshop on Microwave Antennas14th & 15th Dec 2018Mr.J.Srihari Rao, Professor
R&D Dean, SVEC, Tadepalligudem.
6One day Seminar on Millimeter Wave Communications29th Jan 2019Mr.Ch.Santhosh Kumar,  JTO
BSNL, Rajahmundry.
7A two day National Level Technical Seminar on “National Security & Strategic Studies – Cyber Security & its Use Cases 22-02-2019 to 23-02-2019Mr.A.Anjaneyulu (Founder – ESF Labs Ltd),  Mr.A.Anil Kumar (Marketing Manager),       Mr.p.Pavan Kumar (Lead Quality Architect) at McAfee, Bangalore,  Mr.V.Phani Kumar (Network Pen Tester), Mr.V.Surendranadh (Network Security Analyst), Mr.P.Sudeep & Mr.P.Venkataraju (Application Security Analysts)
8Two day workshop on Artificial Intelligence15th & 16th March 2019Mr.S.Surendranadh, Sr.Engineer,   BHEL, Hyderabad.
2019-201Two day workshop on Emerging Trends in Optical Communication Systems and Networks19-07-2019 to 20-07-2019Mr.Ch.Santhosh Kumar,  JTO
BSNL, Rajahmundry.
2One day Seminar on 5G Wireless Technologies27-06-2019Mr.P.Vijay Kumar, Project Manager, Ericsson, Hyderabad.